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I was going to get up early, get my training done, and read a bit. But then I got distracted with email, FB and phone calls.
This has happened a couple of times.
You know, when there is something you need to do but “other” things
get in the way. The problem is that the “other” things are many times
small things that keep us busy vs. things that are productive and goal
oriented and build towards your true vision and best life.
How many times does this happen to you?
It still happens to me. I do have to say it happens less and less now
that I am aware of it and I tend to be better prepared for my days,
weeks and even months.
Once I started realizing that things don’t happen to me, but rather,
I make them happen; it changed a whole lot in my world.
Awareness precedes change.
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be taking more action on your
goals starting today either.
I take “Action TNT” every day now!
Action TNT?
“Action Today Not Tomorrow!”
If it’s on the list and is priority I will make sure I take some type
of action towards that goal on that day (some things are consistent
daily actions while some are project based).
Always remember TNT as it can become one of the most powerful things
to remember the next time you say “I’ll do it tomorrow….”
Here are some other action taking tips for more positive self-control
in your life:
#1. Accept one hundred percent responsibility for everything in your
life. This is the mark of a winner. Take the blame and the credit for
your position in life honestly and openly (when you do this, that is
when you can really move forward full steam ahead).
#2. Use the words “I’ve decided to…” in place of “I have to…”.
You don’t have to do anything. You decide to do it.
#3. Another motto I carry in my pocket: “My rewards in life – will
reflect my service and contribution.” If you pay attention to this
in every daily transaction (work, training, relationships) you’ll
give and receive more.
#4. Learn to relax mentally and physically. Years ago this wouldn’t
have been on my list because I thought “go,go,go” is the way to go.
The truth is that you have to learn how to relax more whether its
mediation, mind relaxation, biofeedback techniques, relaxing
activities, etc. because when you do you’ll be able to put in better,
more creative and more productive work. Use internal strategies
rather than external stimulants.
#5. Set a specific time frame each week, preferably each day, to
initiate action on your goals. Don’t wait for an invitation to succeed
– as you’ll be one of the almost made its with “permanent potential.”
Go for it!!!
#6. Action TNT. I mentioned this earlier. Make this motto a part of
your lifestyle. Stop putting things of till tomorrow, get it done
today. The next thing you were going to put of, make it happen now.
#7. Sit down and create your own best horoscope on paper. People read
horoscopes and put their future into the hands of someone writing them.
Sit down and list positive alternatives to habits you seriously want
to change. Then seek out people that have had big success with whatever
you are pursuing and learn from them, invest in them.
#8. For the next 30 days, go all out in your current job (or any goal
your pursuing). Whatever you’ve chosen to pursue, it couldn’t care
less about you in one way or another – only you can give the task
(job or anything else) what it has deserved al along. Dedicate
yourself just for one month, not for a lifetime, to giving your
maximum effort to your job, your company, your routine and your
service to others. At the end of that time I think you’ll find yourself
renewing your dedication for another month.
#9. Invest in your own knowledge and skill development. Since the only
real security is the kind that’s inside each of us, practice what Ben
Franklin wrote: “If an individual empties a purse into his head, no
one can take it from him.”
#10. Set your alarm a half an hour early tomorrow and leave it at
that earlier setting. Use this extra-half hour to wake up and live.
Use this time to answer the question – How can I best spend my time
today on priorities that are important to me?
This works.
But only if you do it.
You can use it with ANY goals and pursuits in your life.
If your main goal is fat loss, tomorrow I’ll write about a real world
fat loss training program that I designed for an online client that
has built strength and muscle mass but is looking to drop body fat
(while maintaining his strength and muscle).

6 Things You Can Expect from the ME VS ME Challenge:


Take the power back – when it comes to your energy, by improving your nutrition, improving your bodies ability to recover and even improving your sleep!


High level support and accountability from the Grit coaches, as well as the other participants of the Me Vs Me Challenge.


Feel successful each day – through the implementation of success strategies and principles that make becoming the best you fun, entertaining and engaging.


Spend only 3-5 hours a week following a specifically – results designed program so you have more free time and spend less time at the gym.


Learn the correct portions, quantities, and actions you need to take consistently to achieve your desired outcomes short and long term (this means you’ll achieve your results AND KEEP THEM!)


See drops in your body weight, drop pounds of unwanted body fat and shrink the inches on your hips, stomach, arms and more!



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