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15 Reasons Why…..

By jeff 0

Every week, I have some sort of conversation with someone about why they might be stuck at their current bodyweight or transformation.

Often times, its something simple that might be holding them back.

Here are the 15 reasons why people fail to transform their body….

  1. You drink to much
    I’m not talking about water… I’m talking about alcohol, wine, and beer. All of these are useless calories and play a huge role in altering your hormones in a negative way.
  2. You don’t have a plan
    In the 7 habits of highly successful body transformations, one of the things was they had a plan! This meant they followed a nutrition plan, a training program, and other plans such as sleeping, journaling and more. Just remember, you cannot manage what you don’t measure.
  3. You spend to much time thinking, not enough time doing
    One of my mentors and coaches once said when it came to business “you only get paid for done.” What this means is results only come from action, not contemplation of action. Spend more time being a “doer” and less time “thinking”.
  4. You don’t eat enough
    When most people are trying to lose weight, burn fat and transform their bodies I see more often than not people under eating in comparison to the activities and training they are doing. This puts the body in a position where it does not want to release anything extra due to the demands the body is currently being placed on it, as well as the limited amounts of nutrients it is receiving.
  5. You eat to much
    I don’t see this to often, but you’re eating to much! This doesn’t mean your eating to many meals, it could simply mean your eating food that is more calorically dense, that puts to many calories and macros in your body for the desired goal. Think about this….. A glass of water is 0 calories, an 8 ounce red bull is 240, a 16 ounce carmel frappuccino from starbucks is 400 calories.
  6. You don’t keep track
    Do you know how many cookies you ate during that last cheat? How bout how many drinks other than water yesterday you had? Do you know the total amount for each? Do you know your exact food intake from yesterday, this means calories, portions and times? Just remember you cannot manage what you don’t measure.

7. You’re doing to much
I often see people doing TOO MUCH! This means they are working out, exercising and doing way to many activities in comparison to the rest, recovery and nutrition they are taking in! Make sure to keep this in alignment.

  1. You’re not doing enough
    You may be on the other side of the fence and just not doing enough of the right things for your goal. You may need to add more weights to allow your body to become more toned. You may need to add sprints in to help burn that extra layer of fat.
  2. You jump around
    Going back to number 2, you may be following a plan… But you jump from plan to plan more than someone dies in the Walking Dead. You don’t allow the process to work due to the short time of following it.
  3. You don’t recover
    Recovery is one of the most important, but one of the most overlooked aspects of seeing great results! Sleep is important and very often skipped due to doing other things…. If your results are important you will strive for 7-8 hours a day of sleep…. HELL TAKE NAPS!
  4. You undervalue your strength
    Lift heavy things! One thing that will transform the way your body looks, works and feels. Want to be toned? LIFT WEIGHTS. Want to burn fat? LIFT WEIGHTS. want to slim your waist line? LIFT WEIGHTS. This doesn’t mean the pink or blue ones you see. Lift heavy stuff! If your goal is to transform your body use weights that you can only move for 4-12 reps depending on the workout.
  5. You don’t have a deadline
    As said in the 7 habits, everyone had a set deadline to achieve desired results! If you don’t have a deadline, what importance does it have? Remember in school? Only way to ever get something done, was to be assigned a deadline. If you don’t have your own, jump into to other peoples deadlines, such as the 39 day Swimsuit Body Challenge.
  6. Your stressed and negative
    When your stressed your cortisol levels are all over the place, this makes it really hard to release fat. If you’re negative it’s hard to find the positive which then drains your energy. Smile, and learn to relax at times.
  7. You bullshit to much
    Listen…. When you actually want to see a transformation, you will make it happen. When you don’t have any idea what you actually want or why you make things up. When you make things up or use other peoples goals you bullshit the people around you and yourself.
  8. You don’t listen to help
    Just because you’re paying someone to train/coach you doesn’t mean results will instantly happen. Listen to the things they say. Absorb what they recommend. They have a clear picture of what will get you to your end result in a much faster time…. LISTEN AND DO

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