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22 Ways To Get Results

By jeff 0
Just like everyone else!

I want to tell you a quick story.

I decide to go to LA Fitness (yes I have my gym and
have an LA Fitness membership).

As I am doing my workout, I saw a man probably about 50 get into a
shouting match with a guy that was perhaps 22....

This was very funny because it was all over a bench to sit on. The
the old man was pissed off because the younger guy was using "more than one piece of equipment."

I was hoping for the old man to pick up a trash can and slam
it into a mirror like this guy

Guess what.... This old guy also was first to say "I have been
a member of this gym for 20+ years" and his results looked
like he went about ten times in 20 years.

He was to busy worrying about someone else using "his special
bench" for him to even workout.

This whole time, I'm still going about my workout. Lifting heavy
stuff and just doing my thing.

I finish my workout and walk up to the front desk
because I cant
find a pair of pegs for a climbing pegboard.

As I am asking the kid at the front desk about them pegs, he looks
at me like I am asking him "why if heat rises, is there snow
on top of mountains?"

He has to ask someone else, to then come back with a reply of
"you need at least two people in that room to do anything."


Silliness but back to the point of this email.


This is not my typical motivational email but a WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT DO!

Here are all the things if you want to be just like everyone else
and see the same results you should do

1. Eat like crap, and think you will work off your bad eating
2. Do "new, cool stuff" because you saw someone else do it
3. Make bullshit excuses
4. Thinking that "more is always better."
5. Not learn how to do the movement correctly
6. Listen to youtube gurus
7. Think there is a magic potion, pill, supplement, or wrap to see
8. Quit the first time something gets hard
9. Only stick to a program for three weeks and get bored
10. Being more afraid of SUCCESS THEN FAILURE!
11. Worry about what others think or say about you
12. Let other peoples thoughts influence your actions
13. Only give 1/2 assed effort to what you do
14. Reward yourself with food like your a dog
15. Show up late
16. Spend more time watching tv, then working on
your goals
17. Not lift weights because you are afraid of "getting
18. Worry about calories instead of food quality
19. Talk more than you listen
20. Being afraid of starting something new
21. Do what you see everyone else doing
22. Bitch and complain about things that are out of your control
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