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3 Unpopular Pieces of “Diet” Advice (No sugar coating ;))

By jeff 0

I said no sugar coating so here you go. No fluff. No sugar. Just straight forward pieces of diet advice based on working with hundreds of clients with their nutrition.

  1. Don’t fear the calorie deficit!

It’s becoming popular to glorify “flexible” dieting, and fitness “influencers” on instagram like to post pictures of their abs showing while eating a donut or other treat. What we need to remember is that they are only eating that donut or treat every once in a while, and the majority of their calories come from whole, nutrient dense foods! In order to get very lean and have abs showing, MOST people need to be in a calorie deficit and/or have a stellar metabolism (fun fact you CAN build your metabolism :)). On the flip side of this, your body can’t forever live in a calorie deficit, so while you shouldn’t fear being in a deficit of being a little hungry to reach body fat goals, you also shouldn’t normalize this, or live life forever in a deficit.

  1. Stop Dieting!

Wait, what? You literally just said not to fear the deficit? I know, I know, but hear me out. What I mean is stop the “dieting” mindset. Instead, look at the big picture! When I think “diet”, I think temporary, and very restrictive. Instead of thinking of your nutrition as always being on a “diet”, think of your nutrition as a lifestyle change. Depending on your goals, sometimes you will be in a calorie deficit, sometimes you will be in a surplus, and sometimes you will be eating maintenance calories. Stop thinking that to look good and be healthy, you need to be on a “diet”.

  1. Stop changing your nutrition all the time!

The biggest roadblock I see with people and their nutrition, is they are wanting fast results, not seeing change fast enough, and making changes to their nutrition plan constantly!!! STOP IT!!! Slow and steady wins the race with nutrition. Give your body the time it needs to adjust and adapt, and your results will follow.

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