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30 day habit forming

By jeff 0

It takes 30 days to properly cement a habit or ritual into your life.

When we first ever start anything new, whether it be eating, business focus based, productivity or anything. It is tough, your body is literally fighting you to go back to your old ways, day 1 you feel ok and are pumped but day 2,3,4,5 you are second guessing yourself and saying everything possible to stop your new habit.

This first 10 days are crucial though. Think of it like this, when a shuttle takes off it uses 80% of it’s fuel (energy) in the first 2 miles from taking off (first 10 days). Knowing that you are up against this crazy battle of energy trying to stop you will help you push through, you need to use all your energy to truly focus on pushing through this barrier.

Once the shuttle is past the first 2 miles it has less resistance just like you will be. BUT….. there still is resistance, there still is forces against you from days 11 to 20 that you still need to focus on to push through to create your habit. It still is a uphill battle but with 50% less resistance than the first 10 days. You are starting to engrain these habits into your days, you are succeeding, you are pushing to make this apart of your life.

Days 21-30 is when the magic happens, you are pushing over the hump around day 25 and the resistance is becoming less and less and you are enjoying your new habit, it is apart of your life, you can’t think of your life without this habit.

Knowing this process before you go into creating any new habit is crucial. Knowing the first 10 days you will tell yourself to stop is normal, fight it. Knowing the second 10 days is 50% less hard but still tough is also important so keeping your sabotage guard up is crucial. Know days 20-30 is the hump is great because it gives you the goal in mind to hit, it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Put one positive habit into your life every single month and in 12 months you will be everything you want to become and doing anything you want to do. It’s all about just putting 1 in at a time to ensure that the success is achieved.

There are tons of positive goal based habits you can put into action right away.

However, some may be better than others for your specific goals.

Want help improving your habits, stacking whats important and really moving yourself forward towards your goals?

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