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6 EASY ways to add protein to any meal!!!

By jeff 0

If you’re like most of our clients, you have probably experienced the struggle of trying to get your protein intake up.

Humans typically naturally reach for more carbs and fats before protein, because they can often be more appealing/taste better.

BUT as you probably know, getting enough protein is very important, for muscle repair/recovery, AND protein is thermogenic, meaning you burn calories while digesting it (unlike fats and carbs)!

So, heres 6 EASY ways to add protein to ANY of your meals!!!

  1. Protein drink/Powder: Add to coffee instead of creamer, mix into your oatmeal, or drink as a shake (pro tip- blend with almond/cashew/nonfat milk for a creamy taste instead of just using water)
  2. Low fat cheese: Top a dish, spread on bread, or have it on the side (pro tip: reduced fat shredded cheese, light string cheese, babybel light cheese, and laughing cow light cheese are some of my favorites)!
  3. Edamame: Add to salads or snack on the side (pro tip: add soy sauce and/or siracha for extra flavor)
  4. NF Greek yogurt: Top chili, tacos, or other meat (instead of sour cream), add to shakes, or add fruit or avocado for a sweet or savory snack.
  5. Pre cooked lean proteins (shrimp, deli meat, chicken breast, etc) add to any dish! bowls, wraps, salads, etc! (Pro tip: add low or no calorie seasoning like johnnys, garlic salt, or hot sauce)!
  6. Hard boiled egg whites: Eat alone as a snack, or add to salads, toast, rice cakes (pro tip: add avocado for savory flavor)

Have an idea that’s not listed here? Email me back and share it with me, I’d love to hear! 🙂

author: jeff


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