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7 Tips for Lasting Success

By jeff 0

No top secret info here, just 7 reminders that are necessary for weight loss and staying happy & healthy!!!

  1. Sleep around eight hours a day
  2. Lift weights and get some cardio in too
  3. Keep stress levels down – self care!!
  4. Drink water (shoot for AT LEAST 64 oz per day)
  5. Eat in a caloric deficit (I put this in italics because if fat loss is your goal, you won’t get anywhere at all without this one- BUT if you want to maintain, or add muscle, we’d adjust this to calorie maintenance or calorie surplus)
  6. Eat enough protein (shoot for AT LEAST .7 – 1g per lb of bodyweight)
  7. Be patient (Patience is key, and you won’t see success from quick fixes)

Last but not least, to sustain progress, make sure you have a coach who is guiding you and holding you accountable! Even if you don’t choose to work with us here at Grit City, find someone that jives with you and keeps you motivated and accountable, we can’t do it alone and that’s A- ok!

author: jeff


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