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Truth bomb

By jeff 0

“You look so skinny, go eat a burger” “Wow, she looks like she needs to go on a diet” “You’re getting too much muscle, you look manly” “You have no ass” “Is your ass fake”

In the almost 4 years since I started my fitness journey ALL of these things have been said to and/or about me enough times that if I had a dollar for each time I’d have a couple hundred. In my whole life? I’d have thousands of dollars. From naturally stick thin, to sick and suffering from anorexia, to binge eating/bulimia, to healthy and fit it’s NEVER stopped 🤷🏼‍♀️

What’s my point here? We so easily remember unkind things that are said to us, but too quickly forget the kind words spoken to us 🤔

💣TRUTH BOMB💣 The same goes for our SELF-TALK, i.e our daily internal narratives. In this society, especially for women, it’s so natural and easy to pick ourselves apart. The internal narratives you think/speak and how you view yourself has a HUGE effect on you .

EXERCISE choosing positive self talk to improve your mental health 🧠 and EXERCISE your body to improve your physical health 🏋🏼‍♀️

FITNESS IS MORE THAN PHYSICAL, mental health and progress counts too



author: jeff


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