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Grab this opportunity BEFORE prices go UP on April 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By jeff 0

Here at Grit City Fitness we are constantly evolving our business to keep up with industry standards and our awesome growing clientele!!! In order to ensure that we are able to provide our loyal gym family members with the BEST experience we can, our prices will be increasing by 10% (or more depending on the program) starting April 1st.  We are so passionate about our place in the fitness industry and there is nothing we love more than knowing that every single day we are helping our people become stronger, healthier, happier, and more empowered! 


If you have been on the fence about joining our fitness family, the best time to get committed is NOW before prices go up! You have 16 days to make the choice to change your life by becoming part of our Grit family!  


For our current members, now is the PERFECT time to upgrade your membership if you’ve been on the fence about upgrading, so that you can get in on our current prices and crush your goals at a lower price point 😉 Thanks again for the loyalty we receive from all of you- we appreciate you!!! 🏼 We are showing YOU our appreciation by NOT increasing current members that are on current pricing.  Your pricing would only be increased if you cancel your membership and return after prices increase, or if you are on a one time special offer deal that we cannot re-offer (we will contact you directly in this case). 

What are you waiting for?  Summer and tank top season is JUST around the corner so take the plunge now!  Join our grit family and let’s get better together !

author: jeff


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