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Do You Sleep Well?

By jeff 0
I’m sure you have heard, sleep is one of the important factors in effecting change in your body. Whether it be to lose weight, gain weight, build
muscle or lose fat.

The body uses sleep to recover. Recovery is the key component to
effectively losing weight, building muscle tone and losing fat.
BUT the reverse effects happen if you are not getting enough sleep….
Your body will actually gain weight and gain fat if you are not getting
enough sleep.

Your results are dictated on the attention you pay to these 3 factors…


This trumps everything

Exercise and fitness. Without it your body will not change to the way you desire.

Without this your body will be a complete mess and will not grow or change the way desired.

I’ll be honest, I don’t get a full 8 hours of sleep every night…. But I do get 8 hours of sleep typically in a day because of naps.

Here are a few tips on how to increase and improve your sleep.

1. Get more hours before midnight.
Your body is set to sleep when the sun goes down. Unless you live in a
country that has 24 hours of sunlight, your body functions better with
sleep more hours before midnight, than after. If you sleep for only 4
hours before midnight(8pm-12am) it is even to 8 hours (12am-8am) of
sleep after midnight.

2. Get rid of light in your room.
Try and get rid of any sources of light in your room. This means alarm
clocks, flashing lights on your phone, street lights and other things. I
know, I know you can’t get rid of your phone, but you can turn it over so
the notification flashers don’t keep you up. Hang dark curtains, flip
phones over or wear a dark eye mask.

3. Take out the TV and Mirrors.
Both of these cause glares, reflections and hold light. If you can’t take
them out of your rooms try and put them behind a door or something
that will “hide it”.

4. Use white noise or sound.
There are really cool machines that make “white noise”. The use of white noise will allow you to not hear outside distractions such as cars driving by your house, trash man first thing in the AM or family members
walking around. You don’t need a white noise machine though. They now make apps for your cellphone that you can download (free) that you can use for white noise. Another alternative is the sound of water or
whatever you find soothing.

5. Change lighting throughout the day.
This one is a bit harder to do but really helps. As I said in #1 your body is used to the way the sun moves and gets darker throughout the day. Try
and simulate the rise and fall of the sun by moving a lamp from the floor to above head throughout the day and then from overhead back down to the floor throughout the night.

6. Have an app for your computer.
On my computer I have an app called “flux” it basically simulates what I explained in #5. Instead of my monitor color staying the same all day as
it gets closer to night time, it changes from a bright color and starts to
dim and turn more of an orange color.

Now that your asleep you still have to wake up!!!
This is where it gets fun…. Cause if your anything like me… If I wake up
the wrong way I’m a GRUMPY f***.
So here are a few tips on how to wake up without being grumpy or
pi***d off.

Use a sunlamp alarm.
I went and bought one of these the first time I heard about it. The great
thing about a sunlamp is if you live in Washington (I HOPE YOU DO) then most likely during the winter you are waking up WAYYY before the sun
comes up. If this is true you probably have a really hard time waking up
in the winter compared to the summer. This is because in the summer
the sunlight will typically wake you up. This is one of the few things that helps me wake up really early in the morning (5am/6am). I don’t want to talk these things up to much but check them out, also watch the video
featured on the site. –

Use a sleep tracker tool with alarm.
This is another phone app (typically the white noise phone app also does sleep tracking and alarms). How this works and helps is that it actually
tracks how you sleep and the levels of sleep your in. Why this is helpful is because if your also using it as an alarm instead of waking you up at the
exact moment your alarm is suppose to go off, it will actually change the alarm time slightly to wake you up at a time that is more in sync with the optimal time for your sleep cycle.

Change the sound you wake up to.
I don’t know anybody that loves waking up to the sound of a beeping
alarm. A few sounds that are nice and don’t “scare you” awake are: Birds chirping, soothing music, jazz, animal sounds. I like the sounds of birds
chirping as it is a feature of my sunlight. The other option is to change the setting of your alarms to allow a slow gradual increase in volume.

Wake up to vibration.
This is one that also has been helpful for me. I use a exercise tracker
bracelet called a “fitbit flex” one of the features of this bracelet is that it
has an alarm feature. Unlike a sound or beeping it actually does soft
vibrations on my wrist to wake me up. For me this is a lot more calming
then being shaken or loud noises and sounds going off.

Wake up on the first alarm.
Hitting the snooze button will disrupt your sleep patterns and put you into non optimal sleep stage. Utilize #2 tip to optimize alarm time as well as sunlamps.

Hopefully both of these will help increase your sleep outcome as well as help increase your desired results.
If you have any questions or feedback on any of the tips above shoot me an email or leave me a comment on Facebook and I’ll help answer
anything you might be wondering.

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