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A big butt and strong glutes is our END GAME!!!

By jeff 0

What do you like better – DC or Marvel?! Reply back and let me know – along with your favorite character(s)!

Ok, now lets talk about GLUTES (BOOTY!!!)

To the ladies! 💕

It’s about to be summa time and we all want plump humps in our bikini bottoms! 🍑

You are not screwed if you have a naturally small butt- your booty is MUSCLES and you can grow it – a lot!

My booty is NOT from genetics. I was NOT born with a big butt (I’m half Asian y’all😂) My booty is NOT from surgery (note that my quads also got bigger as my booty got bigger)

I grew my Booty through CONSISTENT hard work in the GYM (heavy lifting that targets my glutes) and FUELING the muscle to grow i.e. eating for my goals / eating ALOT of (nutrient dense) food (& a little 🍕 + 🍩) 🤪!

There is a little over one year time difference between these photos btw- it won’t happen in a few weeks or months, it DOES take time and dedication

To the fellas!!!

I can ASSure you, (see what I did there ) that women LOVE a nice booty on their men too! ANNND aesthetics aside, strong glutes are a huge part of the foundation for strong/heavy and safe squats, deadlifts, and more!!!

I think I’m going to open a glute specific program/challenge for ladies 🧐who would be interested⁉️ Reply back, Serena, A big butt and strong glutes is MY END GAME!! (and still tell me Marvel or DC, and your favorite character, I’m serious!!!)

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