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A Fitness lesson from Toothless the Gym Axolotl

By jeff 0

Ok I know my subject line is weird but hear me out, I have a good point, I promise! If you’ve been coming to Grit, you’ve most likely seen our gym pet, he is an axolotl (an amphibian that looks like a overdeveloped salamander LOL) named Toothless. If not, now you know who he is! (I also added a pic of him at the bottom of this post :))

I got him in the spring & during the summer months, many of you noticed me struggling with getting his tank to have the proper balance of bacteria so that the water was healthy and nice and clear for him. There was over A MONTH in which his tank was murky and cloudy, the water looked and smelled gross, and I spent TONS of money on different aquarium chemicals and supplies designed to (supposedly) help fix the problems I was having. I even went as far as buying and setting up a whole new tank for him at my house because I wanted to be able to transfer him to a brand new tank in case he got sick. His water had extremely high levels of ammonia, which can be fatal for him eventually, so of course I was SO stressed over how to get his water to cycle and be healthy! I tried a total of 7 different chemicals and supplies in a 4 week period, changed his filter more often than it needed, and even dumped his tank out and scrubbed it spotless (which actually made it worse FML).

Well if you’ve been in the gym recently, you will have noticed his tank is nice and clear and looks great, and he looks healthy and happy, and of course this also means all my stress around it went away (thank god LOL)!

So how did I do it?

Believe it or not, I stopped freaking out about trying something different and complicated every few days, and just kept it simple. I stopped doing water changes, stopped adding all the different chemicals that were supposed to “quick start” the water cycle and balance the bacteria immediately (this actually isn’t even possible I got ripped off), and I stopped over changing the filter. The filter only needs to be changed once a month, and the water only needs to be changed once every 3-4 weeks. To have a healthy freshwater aquarium, you need to have the proper balance of good and bad bacteria (kind of like our gut, LOL). I was messing with it so much that it couldn’t ever get balanced. Once I calmed down and stopped messing with it and adding extra stuff to make it better faster and just followed the very basic rules, all was well.

Now that you’ve read this, do you have any idea how it relates to your fitness or are you still perplexed? Think about it!!!!!!

Alright, now here’s my lesson. When it comes to fitness, we (humans in general) LOVE to overcomplicate things and rush after the latest trend/fad – with both workouts AND nutrition! As Americans, we are obsessed with quick results. A massive part of the fitness/weight loss industry is based on “quick fixes”, and all the science in the world still hasn’t changed that. It’s 2019, and we’re still bombarded with ads for “skinny tea”, “fat burners”, “waist trainers”, “detoxes”, and more! Even people who know better, still sometimes fall for this CRAP! And that’s what I did with my axolotl tank! I overcomplicated things, rushed to conclusions, and chased after the quickest fix to get the results I wanted (with his tank/water) by buying a bunch of chemicals (think skinny tea, fat burners, and more mentioned above), but it turned out I wasted my $$$ on that crap! On top of that, I was changing up what I was doing every week (or even every few days) so I didn’t even know what was working and what wasn’t!

Don’t waste your money on quick fixes for weight/fat loss and fitness goals. Don’t overcomplicate things, and DON’T change your plan before you’ve even given it enough time for you/your coach to evaluate if it’s working or not! Fitness and nutrition are SIMPLE (simple NOT easy)!!! There’s a variety of plans that will work, depending on the person! Find one that fits your lifestyle and goals, and STICK TO IT!!! If you aren’t seeing results after 60-90 days, evaluate what you’ve done and if you’ve truly followed your plan CONSISTENTLY. If not, get it together and STICK TO IT before you think it’s not working!!! If you have truly followed and it’s not working, that’s when it’s time to evaluate with your coach and make adjustments, or it’s probably overdue time to hire a coach if you’ve been doing it alone and not seeing results.

Toothless and I hope this has been a helpful lesson! XOXO

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author: jeff


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