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A-Z Fitness and Fat Loss Checklist

By jeff 0
Today I want to go over the A-Z of reaching your fitness and fat loss goals… Its simple and straightforward… But not always easy… But it can be 🙂

A.Always give your best

Giving your best means doing your best that day, and only focusing on bettering yourself

B. Believe in yourself and your abilities

Belief is the foundation to success, if you dont believe you can, guess what…. You wont.

C. Compete with the person you were yesterday

The only competition should be between who you are today vs yesterday.

D. Decide what you want to achieve

Deciding allows you to go all in on your goals. Decide and go!

E. Evaluate your goals and if they are cohesive with each other

For many our goals contradict each other, write your goals down (all of them) and then see how the may be working together or against eachother.

F. Fail forward – allow your failures to build the blocks to success

Failing and failure is not bad… Its a teaching block. Fail forward by taking action in the direction of your goals, otherwise…. Your going to fail either way because by not taking any action or working towards it you’ve already failed.  (failing is not bad as a grown up, it teaches us what we need to do to improve and achieve it the next go)

G. Give yourself permission to win

To many dont allow themselves to have permission to succeed, to be the best you possible… Give yourself permission!!!

H. Have faith in yourself and what you can accomplish

You are capable of so much more, if only you believe it as well 🙂

I. Inspire others by sharing your candle

Share your excitement, share your efforts, share what your doing… You never know who is watching you, and to be honest many wont tell you…. But know deep down inside your impacting others and that is one of the greatest feelings ever (DONT EXPECT PEOPLE TO TELL YOU THOUGH, Do it and know inside they do)

J. Join a group of like minded people

You become and elevate to the level of those who you surround yourself with. Change your enviroment, change those who you are around will instantly bring you up to the next level.

K. Keep your goals in the front of you as much as possible

We need constant reminders of why we are doing something, and what we want. If its not in front of us often, we will many times start to drift or forget and this leads to the repetition of the same cycle.

L. Learn to see “setbacks” as tools to improve with

Setbacks like failures are just the way life is saying “Hey! I see you! I know you want to be here.. But to be here you gotta learn just a few more things, then you’ll have it! Now go improve.” Its like a sport…. When you dont get accepted to play on varsity, it just means go perfect your skills in JV and then the time will come!

M. Make sure you are talking to yourself positively

You talk to yourself more than anybody or anything else.. YOU BETTER TALK TO YOURSELF IN A WAY THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, FEEL STRONG, CONFIDENT AND POWERFUL. Dont allow yourself to break yourself down.. Imagine at all times “If my friend said that to me would I be: Happy, sad or pissed?” If its not happy, DONT SAY IT!

N. Never say something to yourself you wouldn’t say to a stranger

This goes off of M. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to a friend or stranger. There is power in words.

O. Optimize your daily routine for success

Dont just go through the motions. Try to improve them.  Your daily routine is like a wave at sea. You cant change the wave but you can learn to surf it.

P. Perform at your best daily

Working off of A. Give your best and perform YOUR BEST daily. If you do that you’ll never regret it.

Q. Quit looking for reasons not to and focus on reasons to do so

Look at why you should or why you want to accomplish something. Keep your eyes on the positives. Avoid thinking about “why not” because there will always be things you can find when asking that… Just saying to yourself “This is important because… I want this because…. This is important because….. I need to do this because…… ”

R. Remember the reason you started

Why’d you start? Keep that FOMO (front of mind awareness) Always keep a small reminder of this.. A good way to do it is putting it as your phone screen wallpaper or having a sticky note on your computer with the reason written on it.

S. Start where you are and do what you can

Simple. You wont get better until you make the first step. So make it NOW! If you wait, it just ends up taking more steps. Take the first step now, and the path will start to give way.

T. Trust the process and stick to it

If you’ve hired a coach, or went to someone for advice (who has expertise or experienced the results you want) listen to them. They know what they are doing… Things take time, so dont try to rush through it. Trust the process and stick to it!

U. Understand that results take time

Where you currently are didnt happen overnight. It took time. And it takes time to get all that off. Go all in and commit for 12 weeks (this gives you flexibility and a timeline in which huge results will happen.) Often times results dont happen for 2-3 weeks when first getting started.  Also many results are happening under the surface (think a house being built, most of the time is spend on the frame and foundation) and then all of a sudden everything else starts to be visible and show (like when the walls, roof and windows go up, seems almost instantly)

V. Value yourself and put your mask on first

If a plane goes down, they say to put your mask on then help others. You are of NO HELP to ANYBODY if you do not help yourself first. If you do not take care of your own happiness, your own health, your own finances first you cannot help anybody else!

W. Write your goals out on paper

We forget so much. Write your goals down. This is the ONLY WAY TO TRULY REMEMBER THEM AND ACTUALLY SEE THEM! When you see them it becomes real… WRITE IT DOWN. GET A PEN AND PAPER AND WRITE IT DOWN NOW!!!

X. x marks the spot – set the location and focus on it

Like GPS – Set your destination and focus on just making the right turns to get to the destination. If you slip its ok, the GPS will tell you what turn to take next…. Stay moving ahead and don’t let yourself slip into looking back at where you started as where you are going.

Y. You can achieve it

You can… TRUST ME!

Z. Zigzag to your goals

Nothing in life is a straight path. Realize that once you have set the goal, you will zigzag to it by focusing and achieving small “mini goals” (like mini bosses on video games) to help you move and improve to the level and potential to reach your full goal (the actual boss of the game).

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author: jeff


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