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Are YOU a serial dieter!?

By jeff 0

Are you a serial dieter? Have you tried “every diet” but each one has somehow failed you? Read below…maybe you’ll be a little mad at me and that’s OK, I can take it!

I’m NOT going to lie to you or allow you to make excuses. I don’t care if this makes you mad because if it makes you make a change, I’ve done my job, and if it doesn’t, maybe it’ll click later down the road, but I rest knowing I’ve tried to get through to you.

Some hard to swallow pills….

Why you think you’re not losing weight:
❌Slow Metabolism
❌Some other unworldly bullshit reason

Why you’re actually not losing weight:
✅Eating too many calories
✅Shitty activity level (aka lots of sitting & little to no excercise)
✅Zero fucking patience
✅Combination of any to all of the above

I know I said I don’t care if you get mad, but I do want to emphasize that I’m NOT saying metabolism, genetics, and age don’t factor into weight loss struggles, and I’m not saying their aren’t some people out there who have genuine hormone imbalances (if this is you go see a doctor) but these reasons are typically NOT the reason an individual is unsuccessful in their weight loss attempts!

So, are you ready to make the commitment to yourself & your health/fitness? Click the link below & let’s chat 🤗👇🏽 Our gym has a program for everyone, regardless of current fitness level, and if you’re interested in working with me 1 on 1, I have a few limited openings! Fill out the form below to apply to train with me! XOXO

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