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Are You A Settler?

By jeff 0

Are you “settling”?

The definitions of settle are:

1. resolve or reach an agreement about (an argument or problem).

2.adopt a more steady or secure style of life, especially in a permanent job and home.

I use the word “settle,” but you could use the words “content” or “satisfied” instead.

Ask yourself………….

Are you settling on your:

  • – Education
  • – Friendships
  • – Relationships
  • – Fitness
  • – Nutrition
  • – Personal growth
  • – Other critical areas of your life

These are hard questions but think about it…..

I sat down yesterday and asked myself these things…

I concluded I was settling in a few areas that are very important to me, and not doing my absolute best…….

Take a moment and re-look at the seven areas you could be settling, and look over the last 2-3 years……

Look at each area and see if there is anywhere you believe you may have “settled”…

Then think about what you could have done differently. 

What actions you may have had to make to see a better result.

How much more work it may have taken.

As I looked back over my self-realization, I realized I wasn’t far off… But I had settled for good enough.

I settled for good enough instead of GREAT!

Instead of THE BEST!

Remember hindsight is 20/20.

By looking back at all seven areas, you can see if you allow yourself to settle.

You also get to see how close you were to your GREAT and BEST!

You also get to see just how easy it could have been to go from where you settled to where you see BEST.

Something I will be doing now each week is a weekly assessment.

I will be asking myself each week, for each of these topics “did I settle?” 

  • Did I settle for my relationships?
  • Did I settle for my friendships?
  • Did I settle when it comes to the expectations of GRIT?
  • Did I settle when it comes to the level of coaching and training I give?
  • Did I settle for my nutrition and sticking to my plan?
  • Did I settle for the training intensity and workouts?
  • Did I settle for “knowing enough” and my personal growth and education?

Each one I will be giving myself a score of 1-5 = 1 being lowest, five being highest.

Then I will provide a self-critique. Asking myself what actions I would have needed to take to go from the # is currently at a 5. 


STOP SETTLING… Look at your 20/20 hindsight and see just how close you were, and how little of work would have been needed to take you exactly where you want.

Remember that, DO THE WORK and STOP SETTLING for anything less than you ABSOLUTE BEST!

Are you ready to stop settling when it comes to your best body, full fitness potential and nutrition being the absolute best?

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author: jeff


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