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Are You Exercising? Or Are You Training?

By jeff 0

Heres what you need to know

  • There is a huge difference between exercise/training and activity
  • They do not do the same things to your body but can be used together very well
Recently I had a conversation with a few of my friends about what they were calling “exercise”.
This got sparked because what they were considering exercise was actually just “activity”.
First let me break down the two…..
Activity is something that you do for fun. It is something that is not a structured program or protocol. It does have some physical exertion but is not exercise.
Exercise/Training is something you do with a goal in mind. This goal may be weight loss, gain muscle tone, get stronger, get faster or anything else on this spectrum. It has guidelines and protocols in which you follow.
Let me go a bit deeper….
If you decide to go to the mountain to go skiing with just the idea of going for “fun” this would be an activity… Yes you might be tired after, it might leave you sore the next day but its still an activity.
Now if your goal is to become a professional snowboarder and you go to the mountain to work on your skills, spend time working on tricks and other things this then becomes “training“. This is because your goal is to get better for said task (become professional). While there may be some times of what is called “free riding” the intention of the day is to get better… To be specific… To train!
Exercise is the same as training. There is a purpose behind the idea. In the case of snowboarding, this would be training for the 12 weeks leading up to the season to become more suited for snowboarding. The end goal is to increase endurance and strength to perform better at snowboarding.
Now, you can use activity to help with your training and exercise… This is called “active recovery”.
How active recovery works is you do training or exercise and then follow it up with active recovery.
Say you do a workout of :
5×5 Back Squats
3×8 weighted step ups
15 minute am rap of
5 pullup
10 pushup
15 squats
Then later than day or the following day doing something such as; yoga, skiing, gymnastics/tumbling, walking, swimming, jogging, mountain biking, playing flag football or a fun game of soccer would all be considered active recovery.
Using active recovery is a great way to get more from your training and exercise when used together the right way. It can help eliminate soreness, flush lactic acid from your muscles and will help keep the body moving.

author: jeff


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