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At Grit City, the health and safety of our members is always our top priority. We have been relentless with staying as up to date as possible with every message from local and federal governments and we appreciate your support and understanding thus far during this extremely difficult time . We are here again with a new update to share with you that it is with extremely heavy hearts we tell you that we have been FORCED to temporarily close the gym – effective tomorrow Monday, March 15th – in order to be in compliance with the WA state governors newest rules / regulations / prohibitions due to COVID-19 . There are many unanswered questions for us as we have almost 6,000 Square feet of space at our gym and are able to provide members with MORE than 6 feet between each other (social distancing) during workouts. We are hoping perhaps we can operate on a modified schedule with even more limitation on class sizes, but we simply don’t know and all we have to go off of is the governor saying we have to close all fitness facilities statewide. . We will continue to keep you updated as this progresses with any and all changes that come forth. This is an extremely difficult time for everyone, especially small businesses like ours, and we urge you to continue to support local small businesses whenever you can, and we will be doing the same, as always. This is so hard but we are hoping it will help build our community even stronger. If the governor gives any additional information on us being able to be open on a limited schedule, we will act upon it immediately . In the mean time, we will continue to move forward with the live-streaming options that we announced earlier this past week. We will have a detailed post and email going out tomorrow with ALL the details of how we will be continuing your training virtually, and everything we will be giving you to help you stay crushing your goals during this extremely difficult time. We will primarily be stuck at home so we will be creating a TON of content and support for you. Not just workouts, but also mindset coaching, nutrition help, and more. (Continued in comments)

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