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Balance-From Coach Serena

By jeff 0

Our society enjoys extremes, ESPECIALLY in the fitness industry, and you can blame this on the law of Diminishing Marginal Utility. Simply put, this law states that something you initially seek and find extremely valuable becomes less valuable the more of it you get.

Often times people start their fitness journey highly valuing fat loss, with their goals being mainly (if not only) aesthetic. So what happens when you hit your goal? When you’ve lost the weight and taken your after pics? You feel like there’s still something missing. So you think “I’m not fit enough. I need to get CUT, like, totally SHREDDED”. Every pound of fat becomes harder to lose, you start getting in your own head and questioning if you even look good at all, and the more lean you get you start to experience and learn about new problems associated with being UNDER fat. Our bodies are only meant to be at EXTREMELY low body fat levels for short periods of time, not forever and ever every single day.

I want to note that there is nothing wrong with wanting to get extremely lean, competing in bodybuilding or powerlifting competitions etc. (I myself do bikini competitions and just coached a client thru her first show) BUT it’s extremely important to do it for the RIGHT reasons when your mental health and metabolism are in an IDEAL state.

So what exactly is my point here?

Well first of all, I’m “FIT” and I’m “HEALTHY” on the left, 1 week out from the stage – never going below 100g carbs daily and never going below 1400 calories. And I’m also “FIT” and “HEALTHY” on the right, in improvement season, building muscle and a furnace metabolism- eating well over 200g carbs daily and never going below 2000 calories 🤷🏼‍♀️ #balance

Second of all (yes, coming from the mouth of a bikini competitor who still plans to do shows next year) you CAN build your body without ever buying a posing suit, and you CAN get strong AF without registering for a powerlifting meet. You DON’T have to go to extremes to be fit- you can just be happy and healthy – get in touch with the WHY behind your fitness journey. Your value, worth, and success is NOT defined by the # on the scale or your body fat % measurement!

And if you decide competing IS your goal – just make sure your mental health and metabolism are ready for the stress they are about to endure, and remember that you don’t have to LIVE the extreme- it doesn’t have to be your entire life and it shouldn’t be- don’t let your happiness be ONLY contingent on an aesthetic goal! That is how you set yourself up for failure. Happiness, balanced living, and  SUSTAINABLE results lie in the middle of the extremes ♥️

#Facts #HealthFirst #ScienceNotBullshit

author: jeff


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