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Benefits Of Muscle Tone

By jeff 0

It’s actually crucial for the competitive athlete AND the average joe! Why? Building muscle through weight training will help you:

Burn MORE body fat
Improve overall performance at the gym
Increase strength
Reduce the risk of injuries
Increase insulin sensitivity
Improve your mood
Reduce Stress
And for any of you fearing being “bulky” ( I honestly hear this all the time), rest assured that building muscle doesn’t just happen by accident, or in a day or two. It is a process that takes time and commitment (and is well worth it), and you don’t have to fear “bulkiness”, as that will NOT happen by accident!

Whenever you exert yourself sufficiently during a workout, your muscles experience some degree of trauma or damage. This triggers nearby cells (satellite cells) to signal to your brain that your muscles need resources so they can heal. Your body then sends amino acids, oxygen, and other nutrients to the damaged muscle so it can rebuild, restore and strengthen!

So every time you damage your muscles by overexerting them during your workout, your body gives those muscles the resources they need to grow bigger and stronger in hopes that they won’t get damaged next time.

These are the basic principles behind muscle growth: exertion, nutrition, and rest. If you’re looking to develop big, strong muscles, you’ll have to balance these three factors!

Nutrition is crucial because your diet controls the nutrients your body has to work with on the processes of healing and maintaining muscles. For the best muscle growth, you’ll need to consume the right amount of protein and amino acids. In order to heal, you’ll also need the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

Exercise is crucial because all of the nutrients you eat will either be converted into fat or expelled as waste unless your body needs to use them. If you’re not being consistent with your exercise, then your body won’t need rest and recover. If it doesn’t need to recover, it won’t try to make your muscles stronger.

It’s important not to over exert yourself. There’s a difference between the trauma caused by healthy exercise and the trauma caused by an injury. This is why rest is so important as well! Rest is essential because you need to give your body time to heal. If you don’t give it enough time to recover, you’re just working out already-damaged muscle tissue. This will cause the tissue to become further damaged as well as hurt your form and slow your progress!

So, how long does it take to see a difference after focusing on the 3 things mentioned above? The biggest impact and the best results come from how consistent you’re doing all three of these things. It’s impossible to explain how fast everyone can expect to see muscle gain, but many people see a “noticeable difference” after 2-3 months of consistency. Don’t forget, what’s “noticeable” can vary from one person to another!

How long it will take you to reach your goals from that point forward is a matter of where you’re starting from, what your end goal is, how consistent you are! So, don’t overthink it, don’t crash diet or do crazy things for instant results, and just BE CONSISTENT!!!



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