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Call The Audible

By jeff 0

Call an Audible in with your fitness, life, nutrition and more.

One of the biggest struggles for many is doing the same things repeatedly and expecting a new result (that’s insanity).

However, in sports when things are going as planned to hit the goal or objective, they call an audible.

Audibles are something easy to use and easy to implement in everything you do when it comes to your health, fitness, goals and achieving your results.

Call an Audible – Grit City Fitness and Performance

PS. We’ve just opened 5 spots for our RBT – RX4 program. This is our highly customized and individualized personal training (results based training). This program is designed to utilize our RX4 (nutrition, training, mindset, accountability) to overhaul your health and fitness results 4X faster than ever before….

2 Things you gotta know:

  1. Where you put your money and time is where your priorities are.
  2. If you fight for your limitations you get to keep them.

What excuses hold you back from your full potential?

To get to your ultimate self you gotta let go of the excuses


Start making the investments (⏱ and πŸ’°) in the things that actually count the most in the long run.

If you’re ready to take the next step in building POSITIVE HABITS, subtracting the negative ones and have the guidance, accountability and support needed to achieve your results…. YOUR IN LUCK!

We’ve just opened a few spots for our RESULTS BASED TRAINING RX4 program (A, individually designed “prescribed” fitness, nutrition, mindset and guidance program to rapidly achieve your goals)

to find out if THIS would be A GOOD FIT FOR YOU!

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