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Can You Handle A Challenge?

By jeff 0

It’s incredible how fast time goes by. Think about last month. February in Seattle is NASTY, but the month flew by.

What’s also amazing is at that same time, around 30 days, you could have developed an amazing habit that would pay you dividends your entire life.

“First we make our habits, and then they make us.”

The key to developing great habits is to replace existing shitty ones by focusing on just one habit at a time.

So……I have a challenge for you. A 30-day challenge that will help you form lifelong habits that will improve your life.


Good, onward and upward.

Here is how the 30-day challenge works.

1. Select one habit you want to eradicate, and the habit you will replace it with.

2. Have a plan. Be very specific and put together your plan of action for the 30 days. Make sure that you have a support and accountability system in place; who will you report to? Finding a buddy to participate with you will be super helpful.

3. Make it public. Let everyone know what you are going to do. Post it on Facebook (during one of your scheduled FB times) and let the world know your intentions and commitment.

4. Let them know. Let your support and accountability group know what you are up to.

5. “It’s a CELEBRATION, Bitches” <insert Rick James voice here>. After the 30 days reward yourself for the HUUUGE shift you have made in your life and didn’t look back!

This works time and time again because of a few factors:

Our habits are what decide our direction in life. They directly affect our happiness, finances, health, relationships…. ok, they affect our entire lives. So please do not take them lightly and realize that you have 100% control of your habits, and therefore your life.

“Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.”

author: jeff


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