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“cArBs ArE bAd FoR yOu “ “YoU nEeD tO eAt ClEaN “…(OPEN me for the TRUTH)!!!

By jeff 0

“cArBs ArE bAd FoR yOu “

“YoU nEeD tO eAt ClEaN “

…ok so wash my food with soap & water? 🧐😂😝

It’s 2019. Enough with silly old school opinions that aren’t even backed by science. Carbs aren’t “bad” for you- and you don’t have to eat “clean” to lose weight/body fat and be physically fit and healthy.

What does “clean” eating even mean? Ask different people who claim to eat “clean” and they will have many different answers. What is a “good” or “bad” carb? Or why are ALL carbs bad in general!? Again, ask different people who make these claims and they will have many different answers.

A common skewed and incorrect piece of information I hear is people categorizing “simple” and “complex” carbs as “good” or “bad” when in fact, there is a time and place for each. Simple carbs break down faster and provide more “instant” energy while complex carbs break down slower and provide more spread out energy for a longer time period. Simple carbs can be great immediately post workout to help replenish glycogen levels. Complex carbs can be great as part of a meal to keep you satiated (full) longer.

Claiming food is “clean” or “dirty” or “good” or “bad” is just plain silly and not scientific. Of course, there’s something to be said for eating MORE whole foods and LESS highly processed foods. Focus on eating a diet rich in nutrient dense foods that will nourish and fuel your body. Eat your lean protein, eat your veggies, BUT also eat that “dirty” donut 🍩 and “dirty” pizza 🍕 sometimes too to help you stay sane! And of course, last but NOT least, get that exercise in too! You’re not going to build the strong, healthy, “toned” and fit body of your dreams without being active, and adding in resistance training too 😉

Balance #MakeAmericaScienceAgain #Facts

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