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CONGRATULATIONS 🥳to our December 2019 member of the month… aka the last member of the month of 2019-Nathan‼️ . Nathan has officially been a member since August and has been awesome at being a consistent friendly and hard working face at Grit! You may also know his lovely wife Olya who also kicks booty💪🏽 . Nathan typically comes in the evening but can be found at the lunch hour sometimes too! Be sure to say hi next time you see him 🙂 and get to know him better by reading our Q & A with him below👇🏽 . ❌Grit: How long have you been a member of Grit? And What was your goal when you first started? . ⭕️Nathan: We signed up for a groupon 2 years ago, but became members in August. I initially wanted to lose some weight and get into really good shape. . ❌Grit: What is your favorite movement or workout? . ⭕️ Nathan: My movement would either be KB swings or Ground to Overhead . ❌ Grit: What are your current goals? ⭕️ Nathan: Now, I just want to get better, faster and stronger. I don’t care so much about losing weight, just trying to be better at the gym, and life in general, today than I was yesterday. . ❌Grit: What do you love most about Grit City? . ⭕️ Nathan: I love the sense of community. I love how everyone pushes everyone. No matter who you are and what walk of life you come from, it’s all encouragement and high fives . ❌ Grit: Whats your favorite activity you do outside of the gym that your fitness has helped you with? ⭕️ Nathan: Favorite activity outside of Grit would be cycling, and hiking, until snowboard season hits. . ❌ Grit: What’s your favorite “cheat food”? . ⭕️ Nathan: Favorite cheat food is BBQ . ❌ Grit: Whats your favorite motivational quote? ⭕️ Nathan: There is no exercise better for the heart, than reaching down and lifting someone up.” -John Holmes . . #memberofthemonth #gymfamily #memberappreciation #mydailydoseofgrit #letsgetbettertogether #gritcity #fitness #tacoma #tacomafitness #membershoutout

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