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I talk a lot about the compound effect, and it plays a roll in everything. One question I ask myself daily, and is a good question for you to ask yourself is: “HOW DID I invest today”Read the best way to invest in the bottom.  There are 4 main areas of investment to ask yourself about

SHARING Did you invest in your SUCCESS today?
-Going over YOUR goals
-Tracking YOUR nutrition
-Tracking YOUR fitness 
-Tracking YOUR daily successes Did you invest in your SWEAT today?
– Doing YOUR training/workouts
– Do YOUR cardio Did you invest in your SMILE today?
– Mediation
– Family time
– Hanging out with wife/husband/significant other
– Spend time with kids  Did you invest in your SHARING today?
– Share YOUR journey
– Share YOUR challenges
– Motivate and encourage someone else
– Post YOUR struggles
– Share YOUR success (Honestly these questions have allowed me to reflect on myself more and see where my missing links are for where I can and need to work on them to improve on things) PS. Want to get SERIOUS results in the next 12 weeks while rewarding yourself and a friend (if you’d like) with a 6 night stay in Mexico?We only have 6 Trips available – which means we ONLY HAVE 6 SPOTS! Each of the 6 people who joins this challenge will receive a 6 Night stay in Mexico!!! – We only have 6 of these because they are worth over $1600 each!CLICK HERE NOW -> WWW.BIT.LY/GRITVACATION12


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