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Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women? Jumpstart This Saturday!

By jeff 0
Almost everyday I see someone share via social media funny memes about how men change only 1 thing and drop 10# in a day while woman diet for a week and go up in weight.
The memes are always funny because they tend to leave out a few key factors that play roles in weight loss and why men might initial lose more faster than woman.
Today we jump on the podcast and talk about why men and woman’s weight loss is different initially, how to set yourself up for success and how to properly track your results in the best and most accurate comparable methods.

🧲 The first jumpstart of the year and we’ve got 1/2 the spots full…


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Jump Start is a 70 minute group session where we cover the basics: demonstrate primary movements, answer questions about our program and philosophy, and explain everything you can expect as a member!


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Find out more about jumpstart, what to expect and sign up for an upcoming session that works best for you!

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