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do you know what ACTUALLY can help your immune system?

By jeff 0

What ACTUALLY can help immune function?

With the current pandemic going on, there is a LOT of misinformation (some complete trash) going on about how to “boost” your immune system….

…99% of that is GARBAGE.

Nope, there is NOTHING that you can take or do that will “boost” the immune system of an unhealthy person with a unhealthy immune system….

 BUT, there ARE lifestyle changes that you can make and factors you can adjust to START the process of improving your immune function 🙂 No not all hope is lost, and there is no better time than now to start making some changes

 1.  Exercise regularly BUT avoid over training (it’s hard to OVER train during quarantine and more limited gym access tho, haha)

 2.  Even if you are wanting to lose weight, keep calorie restriction modest (overweight individuals) to moderate (obese individuals). DO NOT CRASH DIET!

3.  Get your sleep! Shoot for at least 7 hrs/ night, preferably 8, and make it good (restful, consecutive) sleep if you can!

4.  Eat enough protein (1-2 lbs/ lb of bodyweight depending on male or female and goals)

5.  Eat enough fiber (20+ grams/day)

6.  Eat dark green veggies (get those vitamins/minerals/micronutrients in)!

 Hope you are staying strong and healthy during this crazy time!  We are here to help if you need us – you can text us at 253-234-4348 if you have questions, need support, or want to learn more about virtual training and nutrition coaching options <3

author: jeff


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