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do you need to cut out alcohol?

By jeff 0

“Do I have to cut out alcohol to reach my fitness goals?” A question I get ALOT! My answer is NO, BUT, but I want you to understand how/why it impacts your fitness goals and progress. 

Alcohol can definitely disrupt your progress. It truly is EMPTY calories. What I mean by that is you are consuming calories that provide no nutritional value and no satiety (feeling of fullness).  

When you’re dieting to lose fat (no matter what method you’re using) you have to be in a caloric deficit (Burning more calories than you consume).  When you use some of your allotted daily calories for alcohol you are now not getting nutrients or feeling satiated from those alcohol calories which in turn depletes energy which can seriously effect the productiveness of your workouts. 

BUT that also doesn’t mean you need to go to an extreme and deprive yourself of all alcohol forever or beat yourself up because you indulge in a glass or two of wine at dinner or some drinks at a happy hour or for a special occasion. In order to have healthy and sustainable results, we must make REALISTIC goals.  For MOST people, cutting out alcohol completely 100% simply isn’t realistic (and that’s ok)!

In general, I believe alcohol CAN be totally ok, but should really only be drunk in MODERATION. Just like I don’t advocate cutting out ALL sweets and treat foods, I encourage fitting them in in MODERATION!

Last but not least, since we are on the subject of alcohol, I have to add a disclaimer 💥

*IF* your drinking is effecting other areas of your life: relationships, work, mental health, etc…then you need to evaluate your relationship with alcohol.  I support drinking in moderation, but I of course do not support alcohol abuse, and have seen firsthand the havoc it can wreak on ones life.  Additionally, don’t forget that alcohol abuse comes in many forms and doesn’t only mean drinking alone and in extreme excess.  I strongly believe that if the idea of cutting out alcohol for 30 days or any other extended period of time, than perhaps you still need to evaluate your relationship with alcohol, even if you think it is a healthy/social one.  I say this with LOVE ❤️based off of my own life experiences as well as watching years of client behavior patterns with alcohol.  

Key takeaway? MODERATION is the key to BALANCED living and a healthy relationship with alcohol which in turn has a MASSIVE impact on your progress on your fitness journey 💯

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author: jeff


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