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don’t worry, you won’t lose your progress if…

By jeff 0
…those of us who were already active on our fitness journey’s before this pandemic started have been panicking over the thought of losing progress / “gains”..are you one of those people? Keep reading! 
I actually have GOOD NEWS!!! The amount of effort & volume needed to MAINTAIN muscle mass/ size is FAR LESS than the amount of effort & volume needed to initially BUILD IT!
For most people, it WILL be possible to maintain the vast majority of your progress and the amount of muscle you’ve built, provided your nutrition stays prioritized, and you remain consistent with your workouts, even if they are at home with minimal to no weight equipment! 
Since my main focus is maintaining physical progress and muscle (gains!), let’s talk some more about what’s important to maintain what you’ve worked hard to build.  
1.  INTENSITY – keeping your workouts intense – no half assed, long rest, interruptions.  Commit to a workout time, imagine you’re actually at a gym, and put in the work.  Use timed intervals to help keep you on track – you’ll be surprised at how much it pushes you to set time intervals for your movements! 
2.  PUSHING CLOSE TO FAILURE – this is a huge KEY to maintaining your muscle – pushing close to failure.  Don’t tell me it’s not possible with light weights or bodyweight, cause it is!  Try to do 50 Overhead presses with a set of light dumbbells with no rest, you will be close to failure (this is general, so I use the word “light” which could mean 5 pounds for some or 15 pounds for others).  
3.  MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION – don’t neglect it!  Don’t rush through your workouts, don’t get cocky thinking you’ve perfected the simple and more basic movements.  Slow it down, move with intention, feel and contract every muscle you want to work, control your breathing and control that muscle.  Don’t cheat your movements!  
If you do all 3 of the above, and workout consistently and at least about 3 days a week, you will be JUST fine and should be able to easily maintain what you worked hard to achieve before the days of this crazy pandemic!  
And here’s 2 BONUS pro tips: 
1.  Have a support group – ideally its a coach/gym helping you virtually (like we are for our members) but even friends/family on the same journey can help you stay on track too, you want to make sure you are set up to have support and accountability to keep you going! 
2.  Get your steps in – even if you had a desk job before, being even more confined to your house most of the time with these “stay home” orders = a lot less steps and movement throughout your day.  Take a neighborhood stroll, and aim to get extra steps in!  
We hope you are all hanging in there OK during these times!  Let us know how we can help you!  Want virtual coaching and support? We are here for you, check out our virtual training here!  
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