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Eat smarter

By jeff 0
This is 1.5 “servings” (per the serving size on the box lol) of spaghetti. Most normal plates at restaurants are AT LEAST twice this size 😱

Pasta is not “BAD”, and I’m not saying you can’t ever eat it. It’s just not a good choice when you’re trying to lose weight. Why? Because it’s extremely dense – meaning a small amount packs high calories (mostly carbs) and it’s not ideal as far as satiety (how full it makes you feel).

This serving right here, I could finish in about 6 bites (if I’m being polite, realistically more like 4 lol 🐷) This serving right here is 300 calories, 240 calories of it coming from carbs. 61 grams of carbs, in 6 bites! And that’s with NOTHING added to it! At pretty much any restaurant you’re eating at least twice this amount, with heavy fats and oils added, and more calories in toppings etc. Its rare to find a pasta dish at a restaurant with under 1,000 calories.

You could eat 4x the volume of rice, for the same macros. Eat smarter! It’s totally ok to love pasta and have it in moderation, but recognize what you are eating calorie and macro wise when you eat it, it takes you a long way!

author: jeff


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