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Everything is in your control.

By jeff 0

You hang onto your problems because while you might feel pain from them, they fulfill one of your 6 human needs and you feel safe with them. 

*** 6 HUMAN NEEDS *** (Needs can be fulfilled positively or negatively)
1. certainty
2. Variety
3. Significant
4. Connection/love
5. Growth
6. Contribution

If you want to change anything in your life, especially things that cause you pain….

The first step is to REALIZE YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

The second step is to REALIZE that your problems are sticking around even though you don’t want them to because you feel they protect you from the potential of failing, you won’t be enough or you will not be loved.

The third step is to REALIZE these problems are much more detrimental to you than the fear you have around stopping them.

The fourth step is to REALIZE that you control it ALL!

The fifth step is to REALIZE the CERTAINTY you have around yourself and the ability to be uncomfortable will allow you to get yourself out of the shitstorm of pain you are in because you’re certain you can deal with the risk of being uncomfortable.

The sixth step is to REALIZE THE STORIES you are telling yourself are building a cage that ONLY YOU have the key to, and can let yourself out of.

The seventh step is to REALIZE THE PAIN AND CAGE you are currently in, is far worse than the fears you have and that it’s time to step out of it all.

The eighth step is to TAKE CONTROL of your life and thoughts. When you do this, you finally break free from the pain and fear that are controlling you, you gain certainty around your ability to deal with being uncomfortable and gain the power to finally step out of the painful shit and move yourself to the pleasant things you desire.

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