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Focus On Just The Next Step…..

By jeff 0
Every day it starts by making simple choices and only focusing on the next step, the next thing you’re going to do and making a better decision than the last decision you made.
You’re only as good as your last decision and your next decision is what’s going to lead you to be your next best self.
So are you making the best decisions or are you just making decisions?
Here’s 10 reasons you need to have faith in yourself and commit to losing weight and getting in the best shape of your life during our Fit In 42 Day Challenge:
1. You’ll receive a customized workout and nutrition plan (with resources) to get past that one big obstacle that’s been holding you back…
2. We will go deep into the nutrition, training and mindset you need to finally achieve your goals and KEEP THEM!
3. You will receive a support group and swim buddies to keep you on track and committed the whole time.
4.  We have helped people lose up to 37+ pounds in less than 6 weeks, and have helped people lose 9+ pounds in only 1 week.
5. You will also get to assist other people like yourself to improve results and build valuable friendships.
6. You will also become an official member of Grit City Fitness and Performance and can reach out to coaches for assistance and advice when needed.
7. The fee starts at $57 for members and $187 for non members which includes unlimited team training sessions, nutrition coaching, daily accountable and more.
8. I’m so confident in this challenge and the results that will happen that if you don’t see results from following the program and feel more fit and healthy we will refund your enrollment.
9. You’ll also get access to even more results focused training and coaching including:
– recipes and food ideas weekly
– Grits daily fuel and motivation
– Step by step 6 week fat blast plan
– Unlimited access to Grit Boxing
– 1 hour Nutrition made Easy Seminar
– 6 week to shred fat blast finishers daily
10. The challenge starts February 26th – APril 9th and all you have to do is commit to yourself for just a few short weeks to transform your body and show up for your workouts and we’ll do the rest.
11. You owe it to yourself, your friends and family to lose weight, improve your health and fitness while being a positive example and someone people look up to.

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