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Get BETTER and Back To The Basics

By jeff 0

Being good at the basics dictates your results and outcomes in everything further.

You “must be” good at the basics to get a drivers license.

You must be good at the basics to get the next belt in karate.

You must be good at basic math to be able to do high levels of math such as algebra.

You must know the basics of carpentry before you can build a house.

Fitness and working out is no different.

You MUST BE good at the basics before advancing into higher skill levels of fitness.

Unlike karate or martial arts fitness does not have a level.

Jumping above your fitness level is like a beginner martial artist jumping into a UFC ring with a trained professional.

It might sound fun, might be invigorating, might be challenging, might be new and different but if the beginner martial artist doesn’t know how to punch, kick or even do a takedown he will not end up lasting very long before getting hurt.

The same goes for fitness. We must be good… Not just good but great at the basics… The squat, the press, the deadlift, the pull-up…

Without it going into higher level movements such as the barbell snatch, kettlebell swing, 5ks, marathons, olympic movements and more is like getting into the fight with an expert.

You will always lose. whether it is an injury or a beat down that is not pleasant, something always goes wrong.

You must be good at the basics. Not just good at the basics but GREAT at the basics.

Taking a step back and ensuring that you are truly great at everything your doing and there will be no stopping your forward progress.

A great quote from C.S. Lewis
“If you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; and in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man”

author: jeff


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