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Get Up And Do It, Not Only On The Good Days

By jeff 0
Get up and do it.
If you’re like me, there’s days that you wake up. You don’t want to get out of bed. You don’t want to go do your routine. You don’t want to go work out. You don’t want to, you know, put an energy. You just want to relax. The problem though is that that starts it downward spiral leading you into other bad habits, choices and decisions.
The thing that you want to do every day is get up, do the work and move forward. This puts you in the routine, keeps you in the routine, and then puts you in the routine that initiate further action. For instance, for me, my daily routine consists of waking up. I take my dogs out first thing in the morning. I then immediately go to the gym. I then immediately follow that with a green smoothie and then immediately follow that with some sort of audio book for about 20 minutes.
I get home, I do a little bit of work, a self work, so like meditation drills, some journaling and stuff like that. And then I go into my actual workday. Now the reason I tell you this is because if I don’t do my first step, which is going to the gym, my whole day shifts, my whole day gets sidetracked. It almost gets completely detour. And this is because that one single action leads me to make the other positive actions such as getting my green smoothie, having the time in the car to do my, My audio book, having a little bit of space before I get home to then do my journal so I have something to think about.
So all these things link, link up together and all of them can be controlled simply by me choosing one action in the morning, which is to get up or not get up.
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