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Get Your Reps IN – Improve Your Results By Increasing Your Reps

By jeff 0
The difference between an amateur and a professional is the number of reps that they’ve taken.
The difference between you and the version of you that you want to become and where your goals are set is the reps.
What do we mean by reps?
Reps are simple.
It just means doing the work.
Reps could be reps of shooting baskets.
Kobe Bryant and Colby Bryant used to shoot hundreds of shots a day.
That’s what made Koby Bryant, one of the best basketball players in the entire world.
Him and Michael Jordan both every day, which hundreds of shots, even though they were professionals and they’ve been on in the league for years and years, and they were still shooting hundreds of shots a day.
The amount of work that you put in is what’s considered the Rep.
for instance; you have a hard time doing your food prep or your food logging, get more reps, right?
What does that mean?
Get more done, do it more often.
The more, the more often that you do something, the more reps you put in of that and the more reps you put in, the better you’ll get, right?
I sure as shit can’t shoot a basketball, but if I shoot 100 reps a day for the next 30 days, I’m going to probably be pretty damn good.
I’m going to get good at it because I’ve put in the reps right, so if you want to get good at it, if you’re going to get your goals, you must put in the reps.
That means putting in the reps at the gym, putting in the reps in the nutrition, putting in the reps in your mindset, putting the reps in in your goal setting.
All these things are reps and what you’re doing around them is building confidence and certainty around what you’re doing.
So when you’re talking about nutrition, getting reps in your diet might be as simple as just doing the daily food log.
It might be repping getting reps have a food prep. It might be resetting or realigning yourself with your goals.
Daily is a rep doing the workouts as a rep, coming to the gym consistently is reps, reps and reps, right, so the more you do something, the faster you’re going to get at improving it, right?
If I can get 100 shots in a day compared to 100 shots in over the course of a month, I’m going to improve much faster by doing more reps quicker. In this case then by trying to prolong them or giving gaps in them, doing the reps is what gets you the results of doing the reps more frequently will get you the results faster.
It will get you more conscious of the movements, and they’ll get you more aware of the effort, and it will clean up the problems that you’re struggling with.
One of the most significant challenges I see for most people, especially when it comes to nutrition such as food logging or anything like that, is they just don’t understand how well.
How do you think you get to be able to be good at it?
You do it more often.
Instead of shying away from things that you’re not going to, jump into it.
Lean into it and get better by performing Reps.

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