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Get The Jump On The New Year

By jeff 0

Every year on January 1st, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE around the world set New Years Resolutions.

I am 100% sure, even YOU have set one….

But my question to you, and to everybody else is…..

Did you achieve that resolution?
Did you follow through on what you set out to do?

Or did you lose focus and fall off track?
Did you slide back into old habits and tendencies?

It’s ok, again I’m sure 100% of people have all done this, including myself and even you…

But you still have 2 opportunities to change all that….

Your first opportunity…

Commit to spending the last 61 days of 2019 doing the best you can at moving towards the goal resolution you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

Your second opportunity…..

Give yourself a head start and a leg up on yourself and your New Years Resolutions and set your 2020 Resolutions this weekend…

Then spend the rest of 2019 gaining momentum and a head start towards the early resolutions you’ve set.

Either choice is ok.

Just make a choice.

Then for the next 61 days (Yes!! Even today)

Do 1 thing daily

that moves you

in the direction

of your 2019

resolution or

Pre 2020 Resolution.

P.S. We’ve been announcing it daily for the last two weeks, but TODAY is the first day of our official new schedule!!

I’m super excited to announce a few schedule changes and class revamping we have done in order to give you the BEST experience 💪🏽❤️ Save this photo to your phone, and we will also be updating the chalkboard schedule at the gym! New schedule takes effect on NOVEMBER 1ST!!!

✅ Morning and Lunch schedule remains the SAME
✅ 7 PM weekday Team Training remains the SAME
✅ Superhero schedule remains the SAME
✅ No more 6 PM Team Training (except Friday’s)
✅ M&W 415 & 515 PM Team Training now 430 & 530 PM
✅ TU&TH 415 PM Team Training & SUN Team Training (930 AM) replaced by HIIT boxing
✅ Friday’s we have adjusted our evening classes to be a “open gym” style- come in anytime at YOUR convenience between 430 & 6 pm (we close at 630). Based on your feedback, the workout will be a quicker and higher intensity fat blasting workout so we can get you in & out and onto your Friday night activities within 30 mins 😁
✅ “Bikini Body” is back and better than ever based on your feedback! It’s now “Booty Burn” & is a 45 minute workout 2x/week that mixes heavy weights for booty growth, strength, toning, and lifting plus lighter weights & higher intensity arm & ab work to target stubborn areas women always tell us they want to work on!!! This is included with Bikini & RBT memberships & available as an add on for Team Training memberships! This is designed to pair well with HIIT boxing & can be done back to back if desired!
✅ HIIT boxing is now a 3x/week class 😍 included w all SHY/Bikini & RBT memberships and available as an add on for Team Training memberships! 35 minute high intensity boxing workout with a GUARANTEE that at least 50% of your workout is actual bag and mitt work!

Serena & I are really excited about these changes for you guys! We kept in mind everyone’s schedules and making sure we made times that work for everyone and kept times that stay busy. In a few weeks we will be asking for feedback from all of you on how you are liking the new schedule changes!

author: jeff


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