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The Grinch and The Secret To Better Results

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Will you be joining us for our FUN FUN FUN Ugly Sweater Christmas Party?
Or are you going to stay home and look like the Grinch?
We hope you plan on coming and you are more than welcome to bring your friends and family.
We will be watching Christmas movies, enjoying a plethora of food (not all healthy, but thats ok!), hanging out, playing games and more!
From 4-7pm tomorrow (Saturday) come for the whole thing or swing by for a bit…. And no, you dont have to wear an ugly sweater, you’ll just make Coach Jeff feel all alone in his Elf Onsie.
We advice that everybody bring a little something to share as its a potluck style.
Head to our sign up page and RSVP + let us know what your bringing (this way we dont all bring cookies or something hahah)
The Secret To Better Results? Yes There Is One…
You may have heard of the 10,000 hour rule made famous by the author Malcolm Gladwell or more recently the awesome Macklemore rapping about it in his song “10,000 hours.”
Basically the concept is that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Gladwell points out that great accomplishment is not about natural talent, but instead about being engulfed in the skill for a minimum of 10,000 hours.
For one of the examples they talk about Mozart. Mozart was lucky enough to have had a father who was very big into music and had his children practice. Due to the amount of practice his father made him do, by the time mozart was being toured around Europe as a prodigy, he had already squeezed in more than double the practice time than similarly aged musicians had acquired. This is what set Mozart apart. He had accumulated 10,000 hours.
Neil Charness took the concept of the 10,000 hours and made a study of it. He wanted to find out not just about how long people spent in the skill but what kind of time they spent in the skill.
Basically his goal was to find what the person was “doing” during those 10,000 hours to make them so great.
He took the study  and observed chess players. What he found was there was a huge gap between the levels of the people he was studying.
There was two main distinctions in the group that he observed. He found that the best chess players were separated by one thing, they either believed in tournament play or serious studying. With both the groups they had acquired the 10,000 hours to be a “master” but one thing was shocking……
What he found was that while both groups were good….. The group that spent time in serious study DOMINATED the other group.
This same concept applies to learning guitar, playing golf or increasing your fitness and fat loss.
I see this exact example daily in the gym. Clients will have attended the same amount of workouts, participated in the same movements and have spent the same amount of time in the gym…. But just like the chess study….
Those that as I call it “deliberately practice” have DOMINATING results over others.
When it comes to deliberate practice in the gym this includes focusing more on technique and skill acquisition over speed and reps.
Because in all honestly, if you just show up and work hard, you’ll soon hit a performance and transformation plateau beyond which you fail to get any better or see constant improvements.
What this means for you is if you want to have constant improving results, always be improving and fully transform your body and life like you’d like too……

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