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Here are 5 things you may not want to hear (but need to)💯‼️

By jeff 0

Here’s 5 things you might not want to hear (but need to), that many coaches (and ALL instagram “fitness influencers” ) WILL NOT tell you 

1️⃣Your dream body ain’t showing up in 30 days. It’s also not showing up in 60 days, 90 days, or even 120 days. It usually takes several YEARS (of consistent training not half assed training), and even after that (a beautiful thing about fitness in my opinion), you will most likely develop new goals, and focus on more nuanced details in improving your physique and overall fitness level. Before anyone gets too mad, I don’t mean it will take years to see changes and progress. Provided you are CONSISTENT, you will certainly see changes and progress in the shorter term. But unless you don’t want to develop any muscle (“tone”), that dream body will take longer than a few months.

2️⃣There is NO magic rep scheme or magic movements that will get you where you want to be. You don’t NEED foo foo fun movements in your workouts (your coach puts them there so you don’t get bored and don’t think your workouts are too similar), and accessory movements really don’t matter much, if you haven’t already first built a solid and strong foundation of muscle mass (which you do by doing the “Big 4” compound lifts, and doing them a lot: Deadlift, Squat, OH Press, and Bench Press). This combined with consistently using the primary movement patterns: (Squat, Push, Pull, Hinge, Rotation) and utilizing progressive overload, is what builds a rock hard and strong foundation.

3️⃣Nutrition is SIMPLE (simple NOT easy). Stop letting coaches and influencers over complicate it. There’s no magic diet that is superior, just whatever diet works for you where you control calories in VS calories out (based on YOUR goals) and get all your necessary nutrients in. Keto, Paleo, IIFYM/Flexible, strict meal plans aka “clean” eating are ALL capable of working, but NONE will work for everyone. 

4️⃣You CANNOT spot reduce fat. Cannot cannot cannot! To reduce overall body fat you MUST adjust your nutrition. There is NO magic food or workout that will reduce fat in specific areas of your body.  You lose fat ALL OVER, what goes first is wherever your body feels like, we are all genetically different in where our body likes to store fat the most, although many of us are similar- ie women tend to store the most stubborn fat in the lower belly (were literally made to carry more fat than men bc we are made to create tiny humans)!!! 

5️⃣For the love of God, doing a bunch of glute accessory movements with bands and light weight is NOT going to give you a big butt. There is a time and place for bands and accessory movements – they can be great for activation, burnout, and more, but they are NOT what builds the booty. You MUST fuel your body, and lift heavy weight (remember heavy is relative to where YOU are on your journey, don’t compare your weight to someone else’s) and increase that weight in order to BUILD your glutes – your ass is a muscle(s) dammit!

author: jeff


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