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Here’s the #1 Mistake I see with dieting….

By jeff 0

Right now, there are more people than ever that are trying to “lose weight”… “burn fat” … “tone up” … or whatever words you want to use to describe that you want to get into better shape.

Are you one of them?

If you truly want to make the MOST progress you can between now and then, you’re going to need to have a great plan and be committed to doing the work!!!

Now… I can’t help you with the “work” part. It’s on YOU to put in the work….

But I CAN help you avoid the number one mistake I see most people make with their nutrition… which is…undereating protein!!!

Protein is the ONLY macronutrient that is thermogenic, meaning your body burns calories while processing it (COOL!!!) AND it’s absolutely vital for muscle repair and recovery.  Whether you are wanting to add mass/muscle size, or wanting to “tighten and tone” it’s crucial that you get enough protein and nourish your muscles so they can be toned, shapely, and/or big, depending on YOUR goals! 

Most people think by eating some meat/dairy, some eggs and a protein shake here and there they are eating enough protein… but they usually are not… I know I was in that same boat for a long time!

So, how much protein do you need?  It depends on the person, their activity level, and their goals….BUT as a general rule of thumb, try to have a protein source at EVERY meal, and calculate 1g protein per lb of bodyweight.  Are you hitting that protein goal?  If so, that’s a good start.  If not, work towards that goal as a minimum to reach (if you are working out, and depending on your goals, it’s likely you need more protein than this!) 

author: jeff


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