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HIIT ME With Your Best Shot

By jeff 0

If you want to improve fat loss, or lose weight faster, I have a little hack for you!

Its called HIIT.

HIIT stands for – High Intensity Interval Training.

It’s a lot of what we do here at Grit City Fitness and Performance.

But what if you need a workout to perform while not at Grit City?

Or maybe you want to get a little extra workout in to help your results?

So here is actually a few “hacks” for your HIIT.

I call them hacks because with these templates you can do them almost everywhere, solely based on the way you want to perform them, and rapidly boost metabolism and start blasting fat!

Hows that sound?

These hacks involve nothing other than your bodyweight.

Here are a few HIIT HACKS!

Treadmill hiIt:
Warmup walk/jog 2 min
10 rounds of 30 second sprint – 30 second walk

Bicycle hiit:
Warm up cycling 4 min
12 rounds of 20 seconds hard – 20 seconds easy

Stairclimber hiit:
warm up for 2 minutes
5 rounds of 1 minute level 8 – 2 minutes level 10

Jump rope hiit:
2 min warm up
7 rounds of 30 seconds max jumps – 30 seconds rest

Anywhere hiit:
warm up with 1 min jog
5 rounds of – 30 second sprint, 8 burpees, 8 high knee per side, rest 45 seconds

indoor hiit:
Warm up with light warmup (our warmup)
5 rounds of 10 lunge jump per side, 10 pushup, 20 squats, 15 chair dips, 15 mount climbers each leg, 1 min rest

Track hiit:
Warm up with 1 lap walk/jog
3 rounds of Sprint 100 m, walk 200 meters
2 rounds of sprint 200 m, walk 200 meters
Jog 1 lap

Simply do your regular training and then add in a HIIT from above 1-2x a week, and see how your fat blasting results improve!

Want more fat blasting hacks, templates for working out outside the gym and workouts designed to get you maximum results in minimal time?

Want to boost your results, achieve your goals in an effective and easy manner while having accountability, results, and enjoyment?

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