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How I found freedom and changed my life through FITNESS

By jeff 0

I’ve told my story before, but I like to re-tell it a few times a year, because every time I do, someone new reaches out to me and tells me how my sharing my story has helped them towards making changes in their life.

I honestly probably spent almost 50% of my time between the ages of 18 and 25 blacked out drunk, oftentimes also taking cocaine, and ecstasy.

During these 7 years I was literally a shell of a person. On the surface I was ok- I got good grades, I graduated, I was excelling in my career and making decent money. Internally I was a mess- I was unhappy but took zero responsibility and blamed anything and everyone else, and relied on partying and taking drugs for faux happiness fixes. I had garbage self esteem, and I struggled with anorexia and bulimia nervosa.

If you’ve heard my story before, you know that I went to treatment for my eating disorders and that’s what started me on my fitness journey 💪🏽 For the first year I tried to keep my old friends and balance fitness with going out and partying every weekend. As you can guess it didn’t work very well 🙅🏼‍♀️

It wasn’t until I gave up the heavy drinking and partying lifestyle and removed myself from the people in my life who were bringing me down that I began to THRIVE 🌸 I used these things to mask all my unhappiness and insecurities, and that needed to STOP 🛑

It’s now been almost 4 years since I gave up the heavy drinking & partying lifestyle, and I haven’t looked back once. I don’t miss waking up feeling like shit and sleeping away the weekend, and of course there’s the physical benefits too- I couldn’t have sculpted my ideal physique while still living that lifestyle- I will NEVER deny my past but I will also NEVER go back 💪🏽💁🏼✌🏽

If there’s something in your life holding you back from achieving your fitness goals, I strongly advise you to muster up the strength to take a step back, evaluate what you need to change, and DO IT. Calling yourself out on your shit is hard AF, but holy shit will it change your life for the better. I promise you that.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping those who want to find freedom through fitness and change their lives for the better like I did ♥️ If this speaks to you and if I can help you in any way, please email me back and let me know!

author: jeff


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