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How our clients are losing 5 lbs in their first week

By jeff 0

I thought I’d share with you the 8 week progress photo & story of my client Ashley (photo is at bottom of this email), who melted 5 lbs off in her first 7 days!!!

She had been putting off her fitness and health (her own admission) for far too long. She had reasons (excuses) that were very typical of many of the clients who come see us seeking help:
-work is crazy
-my kids keep me so busy
-my spouse/partner works a lot
-I just don’t have the time

Honestly, it’s all BS (and all very common). Not to say these reasons (excuses) don’t truly exist in people’s lives, just saying that it all comes down to PRIORITIZING your health and fitness.

If this email makes you angry, maybe that’s a good thing, because maybe it’s the push you need to FINALLY prioritize your health, your fitness, and your self care! If you can’t get over me calling out the excuses I often hear, you can scroll down and click “unsubscribe”. But I hope you don’t! I hope you know this email comes from a place of honesty, because we want to help as many people as we can.

Ashley was once one of those people with all the excuses, until she finally made caring for herself a priority, and her body FINALLY changed, and changed RAPIDLY!!!!

So, if YOU are done being confused, frustrated, STUCK, and downright unhappy, email me back – the first THREE people to respond will get DISCOUNTED TRAINING at Grit City!!!

Stop validating the reasons (excuses) why you CAN’T and start validating the reasons why you CAN!

What are you waiting for?


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