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How to eat out and not gain fat!!! **MUST READ**!!!!

By jeff 0

Is it really possible to eat out and not gain fat!?YES YES IT IS!!! It’s as easy as 1-2-3-annnd 4! lol!  1.  ORDER WHAT YOU WANT!!!! 2.  ENJOY IT!!! (I mean guilt free, don’t beat yourself up or try to punish yourself with extra excercise because of what you ate)!!! 3.  STOP EATING WHEN YOU ARE FULL!!! (Don’t binge, cause that would constitute eating like an asshole and you know what I say about that lol)!!! 4.  GET BACK ON TRACK RIGHT AFTER THE MEAL OUT!!! (Back to whole foods that are nutritious)!!! *DISCLAIMER* Obviously you can’t do this every day LOL but fit it in sometimes!!! (In moderation – that’s they KEY)!!! It’s really that easy guys!  Live life and enjoy meals out sometimes, but eat whole foods 80-90% of the time 🙂 It’s called BALANCE!!! PS – Last chance to snag a LEAP YEAR DEAL!!!! 👇🏼 OPTION 1: ONE YEAR of UNLIMITED BOOTCAMP (Team Training) for $129/month.  $816 savings!!!Click to buy: 2: Upgrade to ANY specialty program (superhero, booty burn, hiit boxing, nutrition coaching) for $29 for your first month! (Pay just the $29 now, then we will set you up for the program of your choice)Click to buy: 3: Upgrade to 1x or 2x / week results based training (personal training) and receive the next level up for you first month! (i.e. upgrade to 1x/week RBT and get 2 sessions/week for your first 4 weeks or 2x/week and get 3 sessions/week for your first 4 weeks- so thats 4 FREE personal training sessions)***EMAIL US BACK BEFORE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO CLAIM RBT DEAL, THERE IS NO LINK TO BUY BECAUSE PRICE VARIES BASED ON CURRENT MEMBERSHIP LEVEL & NON MEMBER vs MEMBER***

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