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How to get your heart rate up & steps in even when you can’t get to the gym

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Let’s be real. There’s going to be days in which a crazy work schedule, kids, life etc. just gets in the way of you making it to the gym.

That’s fine…it happens. It’s how you react to a crazy day that matters the most. Do you give up on getting steps/a workout in just because you can’t make it to the gym? That’s on you. Get out of that mindset and realize it’s quite easy to get some extra steps, or a quick 20-30 min workout in, even if it’s just bodyweight. SOMETHING is always better than nothing and/or excuses.

Here are 5 ways to get your steps in and burn extra calories even if you can’t get your regular or gym workout in……

  1. Park further away and take the stairs/walk more steps.
    Simple yet effective. Park further from your destinations, take the stairs and get a few extra minutes of walking in each day.
  2. 5×5 minutes
    Perform a mini circuit 3-5x a day that takes all of 5 minutes each. Set a clock/alarm and get up and move. If your in your office in dress clothes, do some movements that allow your to get up and move without sweating. If your at home go ham! A few easy sets are:

5 push-ups – 5 burpees – 5 squats / max in 5
10 dips – 10 lunges – 10 jumping jacks / max in 5
10 push-ups – 10 sit-ups – 10 squat jumps / max 5
Max rep jump rope in 5

  1. 100 reps daily
    Pick a movement or a few and knock out 100 reps a day. Maybe it’s push-ups, or if you have a kettlebell at home 100 swings, maybe 100 air squats. Doesn’t matter just do something
  2. Increase EPOC
    Ok this one doesn’t have anything to do with actually working out that day – however train as hard as possible the days you can go to increase EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption). This will help increase your
    Metabolism for 12-36 hours following workouts when you do challenging and high intensity workouts
  3. DECK O CARDS for time/set time
    Grab a deck of cards. Assign each suit a movement. J/Q/K = 12, Ace’s = 15, # = reps, joker is SOMETHING painful such as burpees. Randomly draw the cards and complete as much as possible in time allowed or as fast as possible


Want even more ways to get results from your training even if your time is limited?

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