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How will you use this time

By jeff 0
Once in a lifetime opportunity...

If you are currently restricted (can’t work, minimal activity, stuck home) however you define it...

You have 2 choices.....

The first and the option I’d select is...

Improve in any and all things you’ve NOT HAD TIME TO DO. Start building positive habits. Spend time learning that thing you’ve wanted to learn.

Doing nothing gets you nothing. Effectively staying at the current level. That truly means, you sink and decline because everybody else will be improving..

This is a once in a lifetime chance to literally start/restart and spend 1-8 weeks really just doing things for your own positive benefit.

Act like you have your work schedule, and assign activities...

Maybe reading. Learning to cook. Exercising more. Journaling. Learn another language. Learn to knit. Learn a skill like website building. Improve your photography.

Whatever it may be...

This is the only time in your life your going to get a ALMOST FULL PAUSE and have a chance to just DO YOU! — in Tacoma, Washington.

author: jeff


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