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How’s your relationship with FOOD?

By jeff 0

Theres no denying we live in a society that revolves heavily around food and drink. Happy Hours, work events, weddings, bbqs, dinners, work meetings, birthdays, special events, etc.

I often get questions about how to handle these events without eating/drinking like an asshole, and even more frequently, questions about how to stop overeating and/or what to do after binge eating/overindulging. I will have another email soon on specifically how to handle events with low nutritional value food/drink, but today I want to focus on how to handle overeating/eating off your plan/binging.

Below are my 3 steps for dealing with overeating/binging and how to move on and get back on track*

Tell your coach (if you don’t have a coach, tell SOMEONE)! You don’t want to carry guilt or shame- also realize it’s not a big deal per se, depending on the situation and frequency of these kinds of things occurring. If you are overeating and not telling your coach, it can cause problems and they can’t help you! They can’t make correct adjustments if they don’t know the truth/true #s. Give Example calculations. You hire a coach so they can hold you accountable – they are invested in your success. Don’t feel scared that they’ll make you feel bad. If they do react negatively or make you feel bad, you most likely need a new coach!

Make a plan – some people can cut down on total calories/food intake over the next day or 2 so that the weekly average is still on point, but be careful because this can cause you to want to binge if you are too hungry. OR you can cut the overage over a whole week (5-7 days). I can honestly say this decision depends on the client and their situation. Also be careful not to set up a cycle of large overages followed by large restriction. This then becomes a UNHEALTHY, regular cycle. Last but not least (depending on how extreme your overeating was) remember that maybe your body needed it. Sometimes you just need to leave it and don’t try to compensate. Use the energy from the food (fuel).

Journal and evaluate why it happened. Binge usually happens because of one or more of these: HALTS (hungry, angry, lonely, tired, sad) -what triggered YOU?

Move on and forgive yourself. You’re not alone. Be patient. You may be bloated or holding water for a few days after a large overage. Get right back on plan without compensating, but you are allowed to throw in extra cardio or sauna for physiological effect, but NOT required. Wait a few days. Hit your plan and drink water and get back on track!

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*I am NOT a medical professional and cannot give medical advice. If you are suffering from an eating disorder, although I can offer support and assistance as an eating disorder survivor myself, I DO recommend seeing a medical professional.

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