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“I Saw This On IG/FB”

By jeff 0

Stop looking for or idolizing new / fancy / complicated exercises – especially not from IG “influencers” & “fitspo”

There’s NEVER, literally NEVER going to be a time when you’re too advanced, too good for, or don’t need ALL of the PRIMARY MOVEMENT PATTERNS (Squat, Push, Pull, Hinge, Rotation)‼️

These movement patterns should always, ALWAYS be the main focus in your training 💯

AND Accessory movements really don’t matter much…if you haven’t already first built a SOLID and STRONG FOUNDATION of stability, strength, and muscle mass, which you do by doing the “Big 4” compound lifts, and doing them a lot (Deadlift, Squat, OH Press, and Bench Press).

Doing the Big 4 combined with consistently using the primary movement patterns, and utilizing progressive overload, is what builds a rock hard and strong foundation along with lasting results of full body strength and conditioning 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

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