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“I was bloated, depressed, defeated, self medicating with Alcohol…” hear Heather’s story and see her transformation

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When I finally made the decision to join Amber at Grit City to just try a class…I was bloated, depressed, angry with myself,defeated,self medicating with Alcohol,eating horribly,sad,not my best self personally,professionally,as a wife etc….

I had been enjoying the classes i had been to, so I thought screw it, Im gonna do it…I had no idea what it was going to entail but was so desperate, and sick of my own shit that I figured it had to be better than what I was doing. (nothing). I have always known that working out and eating right is the key, but absolutely lost my motivation…

I have learned that, I am capable,strong,worthy,. I have learned that my eating, even tho I thought it was “ok”, was very much the opposite and my portion sizes were way to much, and I dont have to eat until I am uncomfortable. My relationship with food is getting better, and I will continue to work on it and make it better. I have learned to trust you and Jeff..

I feel like I have improved on being consistent, meaning showing up regularly for workouts, even at times sitting in my car for a bit so I could wait because I live in Olympia, and thinking of a million reasons why I was to tired, or had other things to be doing.My overall attitude about life, work, gyms, women..

.I feel confident, healthier,happy,grateful for you and Jeff and Grit City…The women I have met at Grit and have had the pleasure of getting to know, just reinforce that there are strong, independent,fierce,supportive women out there that want to see other women do well.”

Scroll all the way to the bottom to check out her transformation photo!  Wanna be like Heather and change your life and start getting real results on your health and fitness journey?  Click the link to schedule a consultation with us! 👇🏼

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