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Imagine: Get Your Goals, Keep Your Goals and Grow Your Goals

By jeff 0
Today I want to talk to you and spend five minutes talking to you about a concept called “get, Keep, grow.”
Now this concept is actually something that more pertains to the financial investment industry.
 Because one of the key things with finances is that you get money, you keep money learning how to keep the things that you gain, being money and profit and then grow, leveraging what you’ve already gained and kept to grow for you, right?
 Almost like an automated system where you can step back and you continued to become financially successful.
Well, the same concept, the same thought process must apply for your fitness. What I mean here guys, you get to your goals.
Maybe that’s getting too lose 10, 20, 30 pounds. You keep the goal, meaning you have the habits, routines, and systems in place that allow you to keep the goal of 15, 20, 30 pounds that you lost off and then grow, grow being you grow your new skill or goal that you want to accomplish.
 Imagine what would happen is if every time you achieved your goal, you maintain that goal, where would you be at if you did not have to repeatedly recycle the same goal over and over and over again?
Imagine this, imagine for the last 10 years, every summer, you did not have to go into the summer saying, Oh man, I wish I could lose 10 pounds every summer for 10 years. What if the first summer you lost 10 pounds, which was get you got to lose 10 pounds.
Then you learn to keep it. So you had the systems, the processes, the protocols, and the ways for you to do this. Then from the, uh, keep you then learned how to grow. You grow a new goal.
 Maybe it was to actually have a six pack. Maybe it was to actually see muscle tone across your back.
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What’s better than a Saturday afternoon full of BBQ & beers!? A KILLER fat blasting workout before you enjoy the BBQ & beers so you can feel accomplished ! Burpees WILL be included (but we promise it won’t be the only exercise we do during this workout)

This event will be FREE for members (cause we wanna show you how much we love ❤️ & appreciate you!) and just $10 for guests!

We will provide the workout (duh), the BBQ, and the beer! We do ask that attendees participate in bringing bbq type sides (potluck style)! We will have a sign up sheet set up so you can sign up and let us know what you’re bringing! We are hiring someone to cook the BBQ and will have kegs.

PLEASE be sure to RSVP to this event so we have an accurate headcount!

We need to make sure we are prepared for the workout as well as providing enough food and beer!
For this reason, we will be asking guests (non-members) to pay their $10 in advance and if cancelling less than 48 hrs before the event, this will not be refundable! Guests please pay at this link:

We are SO excited for this event! See you there ?

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