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Is The Work Worth The Rewards

By jeff 0

From early on I learned that if I wanted something it’d require work in return.

It all started when I was around 12.

I lived at the top of a MASSIVE HILL.

The kind of hill that your grandparents would have referred to as “the hill they had to walk up both ways, in the snow, with no shoes on” to prove a point.

My parents finally let me go more than a few blocks from home.

At the bottom of the hill was a Dairy Queen.

I’d do yard work, my chores and whatever else to make money.

Once I had the money in my hand I had a choice.

The choice was simple.

Do I want to ride my bike to the bottom of the hill to buy ice cream from Dairy Queen.

Whenever I had this thought the first thing that came to mind was….

“Do I want to spend the next 30 minutes after enjoying my ice cream walking/riding my bike back up this massive ass hill?”

(It seriously took me 30 minutes to walk up this damn hill!)

This taught me a lot at a very young age.

It made me work hard but also think….

I worked hard because whatever I did to make money I had to work for, but to spend my money and get what I wanted, I had to work equally hard if not harder after.

It also made me think because it made me question if it was actually worth it to go get the ice cream, and showed me whether it was worth it or not based on whether or not I rode the 5 minutes down to the bottom of the hill.

This has benefited me a lot in life because It taught me to work extremely hard for whatever it is I may want at the time (ice cream, money, a new iPhone) but also question myself and my choices on whether it’s worth it once I’m there (riding back up the hill, the effort I have to put in, paying for something I truly don’t need cause what I have is just as good) and if I truly want it or there is something better.

The lessons from this are simple:

– work hard for what you want

– always make sure your doing whatever it is because it gives you what you want

– question your actions objectively to see if it’s really the action and outcome you want

author: jeff