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Is THIS really the key to fat loss?

By jeff 0

Top 10 tips for rapid fat loss!?

  1. Track
  2. Calories
  3. And
  4. Be
  5. Patient
  6. Real
  7. Fat
  8. Loss
  9. Takes
  10. Time

Read all the way to the bottom, because there’s an awesome offer for prizes/savings 🙂

There is a lot of CRAP floating around the internet, including but not limited to: don’t eat after 8 pm or it automatically turns into fat, carbs make you fat, eat off of this list of fat burning foods to lose fat fast, take these fat loss pills or drink this skinny tea or wear this waist wrap or do this cleanse for rapid fat loss!


These are scams and bullshit advice that will confuse you, and result in minimal short term results if any at all.

For long term, sustainable results just keep it simple! Don’t eat like an asshole, reach for nutrient dense foods first, drink enough water, do your workouts (preferably lifting 😅) at least 3x/week!

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PSPS – I LOVE breaking down and “debunking” fitness myths – so give me some fitness “myths” or advice you’ve heard / read that you are skeptical one/have questions about and I will send out answers to everyone!!! First 3 members to send something get a prize, and first 3 non members to send something can get up to 50% off their first month of membership and 10% off their membership for life!!!

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